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A short narrative program for counselors and therapists
about the need to hang on and the right to let go.


In the short film, THE CRUX, a man is taking a quiet stroll across a bridge in the still morning air when he is stopped by a stranger who asks him for a moment's help. The man agrees, instantly finding himself entangled in a life or death relationship with this stranger. The man must then decide whether or not he will accept responsibility for the life he holds in his hands.

Adapted from the short story, "The Bridge," by Edwin H. Friedman, the film offers a thought provoking look at the problems and solutions created by one person's need to hold on to another.

The seven-minute film is in use world-wide by psychologists, family counselors, therapists, and educators as a starting point for discussions on co-dependency and social responsiblity.

To watch the first 40 seconds of THE CRUX, click here.

To purchase the film in an on-line delivery format complete with a series of study questions, click here. The cost for the program is $79.00.

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